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You know this dilemma very well—for a scientist, publications are often seen as a sign of success. But if you are really successful in what you are doing, there isn't really time to sit down and write. If it is about a special scientific subject, you cannot just do some scribbles or leave some voice recorder tapes (which, by the way, also would take a lot of time) for somebody else to type them. Publications require expert knowledge of the subject itself. So where do you get the time to write? Our writing service experts can help you solve this problem. They are both science graduates who know about your subject and experienced writers who have published articles and books themselves. You can trust their expertise and leave the details of your publication to them, whether it is a STEM research project, term paper, essay, review or book. They will assist you in any way you ask, from supporting you in figuring out a structure to creating content. Just tell us what our publication service specialists can do for you and we will provide you with an individual, free, and no-obligation proposal.

Creating a publication means to communicate – ACAD WRITE offers you best service at ideal conditions

If we are talking about a publication project here, it is YOUR project of course. You have the idea; you have the data; you just don’t have the time to get the script done by yourself. So however you would like our publication service to assist you in creating your article or your book, an intensive dialog between you and the authors of our writing service is a necessity. To afford you unlimited but completely secure and anonymous communication, we have created ‘ACAD office’. In your virtual office, you can write and receive messages and feedback; you can upload/download data, and you can also ask for conference calls with your author. They will be hosted by your agent and will be completely confidential, since only first names will be used. Once our author has finished the content you have ordered, it will be professionally edited and will also undergo a plagiarism-check before it is handed to you with the complete copyright. Then, you will have two weeks to ask for changes free of charge; after that time, your office will be closed and all information exchanged will be deleted. Are you interested? Any more questions about our publication service? Please get in touch!

Ghostwriter sind Spezialisten für Publikationen

Es gibt nur einen Weg, akademisches Ghostwriting für wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen zu praktizieren: Der Ghostwriter muss den Inhalt der Publikation vollständig erfassen und anschließend selbständig formulieren. Das gilt sowohl innerhalb als auch außerhalb der MINT Bereiche. Nichts wirkt sich auf den Stil einer Veröffentlichung verheerender aus als die ständige Furcht vor dem falschen Wort, die zwingend ein ängstliches Entlanghangeln an den in der Literatur zu findenden Formulierungen nach sich zieht. Daher verstehen wir akademisches Ghostwriting primär als eine wissenschaftliche Dienstleistung. Um besten Service und höchste Qualität zu gewährleisten, beschäftigen wir ausschließlich Akademiker mit praktischer Erfahrung in Wissenschaft und Forschung. Von diesem Grundsatz werden wir uns auch künftig bei der Auswahl unserer Ghostwriter leiten lassen.

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