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Law and language – Writing services and the challenges of legal texts

Apart from the literature studies, no other academic subject is focused as much on the (correct) usage of language as law, since it is based on language, on written conventions and precise definitions. No other jargon is as standardized as the language of the law, so to create legal texts, you need both the understanding of the law and the skills to use the right words and to adapt them to correct forms and standards. Our authors are experienced attorneys, legal scholars, tutors and lecturers in law, and their expertise is reflected in our writing services. They also offer counseling and coaching for law students. Just let us know what exactly you are looking for and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Creating legal documents and theses – A matter of form and content

Our writing services can assist you in creating law essays and legal opinions as well as in composing your theses, no matter whether LLB, LLM or LLD. That may mean supporting you in finding the right structure or designing a draft; this may include expert feedback on your case interpretation or a check on the formal side of your work. ACAD WRITE offers assistance and support for all the different stages of text creation and editing. Your thesis is an important step in your career, starting out as an LLB, graduating further into an LLM, and maybe even achieving the LLD, and each of these is based on both form and content. If you do not want to take a risk and maybe lose time and money, use the expertise of our custom law writing services to back you up.

Dr. Doris Liebwald is our quality manager for law

She holds a doctorate and her research focuses on commercial law, ICT law, e-governance and related areas.

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