Advance Assessment

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The specialist check for theses and applications

Academic projects such as writing a bachelor's thesis, a master's thesis, an essay or a dissertation take time in which authors are so engaged in their work that they get tunnel vision. Then, once everything is complete, suddenly doubts and insecurities emerge. Are your hypotheses really valid? Did you include all relevant literary sources, and is the theoretical foundation both complete and explicit? If there is still time to do it, you should find an expert in your subject who will run a professional check on your work and give you detailed feedback on it. That's exactly what ACAD WRITE's specialists do for you; we call it 'advance assessment', and it will identify strengths and possible weaknesses in your thesis or term paper.

Be sure of content, format and style Our advance assessment provides you with expert advice

The assessment of a bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or dissertation is not only based on content, but also on form and style; and if they do not meet scientific standards, the content will not stand a chance. There are academic regulations to be observed, and to violate them is just as bad as failing in your analyses or interpretations. ACAD WRITE advance assessment; therefore, includes correcting all these elements as well as the consistency of your conclusion and methodological approach.

Make sure that you have done the best Advance assessment for applications and proposals

Our experts not only check and give professional feedback on theses, but also on other academic documents such as research proposals or scholarship applications. If you want to make sure that you haven't missed anything, which could improve your chances of achieving your goal, then ask our specialists to do an advance assessment on your forms and figures. Please note that our experts are all graduates who are experienced in research; many of them are working at universities. Therefore, they know about all terms and conditions of scientific work.

Professional, secure and discreet ACAD WRITE's advance assessment

The results of our advance assessment (in other words: the professional opinion of our scientific experts) will be about three pages long and include feedback on all relevant aspects of your paper’s form, style and content. You will get access to ACAD office – your personal virtual office, which provides secure, free and unlimited communication and data-exchange with your expert. All data that you supply your expert with will be deleted once your order is fulfilled. This is just one part of our unique 'ProQualitas' assurance that also guarantees that your paper will be subject to a check by a specialist in your academic discipline. Use the chance to have our advance assessment to reassure yourself concerning the content, format and style of your thesis, proposal or application, or to receive professional feedback that will allow you to optimize your paper.