ACAD WRITE Then and Now The Story of Our Writing Service

Est. in 2004 – Setting standards and growing, helping our clients to succeed
– In education, business & careers

The idea was both clever and simple (as all good ideas are): let's offer academic support and assistance in writing to students and post-graduates at a quality and price that is unrivaled. When ACAD WRITE the ghostwriter was born in Germany in 2004, it was originally designed and equipped for the German market. But the demand proved greater than expected, and thanks to the Internet, there were requests from other German-speaking countries as well. Soon the company changed—but just the name, not its high standards—to become ACAD WRITE Academic Texts Ltd., which attracted the first clients from English-speaking countries. The next steps were to distinguish subsidiary companies in different countries, thus laying the foundation for a business group with offices in Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK), the United States, and Australia. To date, we have typed 418,348,800 characters, written 69,027,552 words, and filled 232,416 standard pages for our customers' satisfaction. And our company is still growing, thanks to the people we work for—and thanks to the people we work with.

Quality is a major principle of our work And a constant challenge

We started out with the idea of offering the best quality for the best prices, and no matter how much ACAD WRITE may have grown since then, this still is our core principle. ‘Quality’ is a process—and it develops and grows from communication. That's why we have established our ProQualitas assurance through which all our work is passed, and which is our main means of maintaining our high standards. Understanding and accepting that one's work will be subject to this scrutiny is the fundamental premise of working for ACAD WRITE. Our internal quality management team comprises a group of experts who pursue the goal of continuously improving our standards wherever possible. To do so, we need to communicate as intensively as possible with our clients and authors, with the target of turning today's feedback into tomorrow's solutions. Therefore, we have created ACAD office, a secure and confidential communication tool that we offer to all our clients free of charge—it's theirs to decide how they use it. Of course, their anonymity remains intact, whether they are uploading files or exchanging massages with their expert.

ACAD WRITE is about people supporting people Creating new pathways to success

ACAD WRITE is a service agency. Service means communication and it means commitment and quality. It is all based on people—those who ask for services and those who provide them. So who are they? Today, our clients are students as well as STEM researchers, businesses, institutes and NGOs. They come from all over the globe and they deal with all subjects, such as economics and business studies, medicine, dentistry, psychology, psychiatry, law, philosophy and other humanities such as social science and political science, and the arts. The number of our clients is growing and with them the variety of requests, which include writing services, ghostwriting, editing, advance assessments, assistance with scientific research or with creating articles, theses or reports, case studies, essays, opinions or speeches, and presentations. The number of our experts is growing as well. They all are specialists in their subjects, most of them holding PhDs. All our scientific authors are graduates and experienced in writing and publishing. To become one of them, candidates must prove their competence in dealing with the increasing complexity of academic discourse in their fields of specialization.

Best ServiceJust tell us what we can do for you – And expect the best service

Our clients and our authors stay in constant dialog with us; they tell us what they want and need, and we get busy satisfying their needs. It seems we are doing a good job, since we are among the leading competitors within our market. And our expectations are high; we will not settle for less than top-ranking in every respect. We are also using our insight of the academic world to be a major voice in the discussion about education goals and standards; you can find us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, where we share information and opinions with the public. Additionally, we are committed to our strict code of ethics, as we are committed to the success of our clients.

If you want to know more about our services, or if you want to apply to become one of our experts, please feel free to contact us. Just tell us what we can do for you and we will find a way to satisfy your exact needs. We look forward very much to communicating with you.