The Secret of Our Success – Our Quality Management

Expert supervision, commitment to excellence

Quality is more than just a word to us, and even more than a principle. The famous industrialist Henry Ford once stated that quality means doing it right when no one is looking, which is close to the view of classic Greek philosopher Aristotle who stated that quality is not an act, it is a habit. In fact, if you take it as seriously as we do and think about it as much as we do, then you will find that quality is a process that ideally becomes a natural part of your thinking and therefore of your actions as well—which means that both of them will be good and right—but quality is even more. From starting out more than ten years ago, ACAD WRITE has made the idea of delivering the best quality a major motivation behind all our actions, and the goal has never been to just keep our standards, but to keep improving steadily while we are growing. Which is just what we did.

Quality manager


Bettina Latusek holds an MA in political science and a PhD in philosophy. As an academic challenge, she enjoys getting to grips with interdisciplinary issues. In her capacity as scientific author, she has supported a wide range of projects and publications in various subject areas. She can call on many years of experience as a lecturer in the fields of economics, social science, business studies and political economy and works as a practical philosopher in specialist and management training. She supports ACAD WRITE in her capacity of quality manager, ensuring the scientific accuracy of political science and philosophy papers.


Quality manager

Law | Political Science | Social Science

Dr. Doris Liebwald holds a PhD in law as well as master’s degrees in cultural and social anthropology and political science. She has conducted research on administrative law, e-commerce, commercial law, European law, cyber crime and many other areas and, to date, has published more than 50 papers in academic journals. Doris Liebwald is a real polymath and holds additional qualifications in computer science, statistical evaluation, didactics, gender studies and presentation techniques. She was awarded the Marie Curie Prize twice and has worked at eight colleges and universities where she taught various subjects, from interdisciplinary linguistics to fiscal law. Doris exercises her talent for legal writing at ACAD WRITE and she supports us as a quality manager as well.

Quality manager

Art & Design | Educational Science | Media Studies

Dr. Herbert Jost-Hof holds a PhD in ethnology which he obtained at Marburg University. He has been working for over twenty years as an author, journalist, trainer and lecturer. He currently lectures at the Academy for Geriatric and Nursing Care in Dortmund, Germany. He also worked as a lecturer for public relations and rhetoric and has supported countless projects in the cultural sector with his knowledge and skills for effective publicity. In his capacity as scientific author, Herbert has supported a large number of projects and publications. A versatile scholar who is fluent in English and German and also speaks French and Russian, Herbert is also a regular contributor to our Higher Education Blog.

Quality manager

Economics & Statistics

Tilmann Wörner graduated from the internationally-renowned Heidelberg University in Germany, where he completed degrees in business studies, social sciences and political economy. After his academic education, Wörner trained as a PR consultant. He has many years’ experience as a scientific author and academic coach. Wörner’s scientific strengths lie in interdisciplinary approaches and his principal fields of interest are business studies and economic policy. He supports ACAD WRITE in the capacity of ombudsman and quality manager, ensuring highest academic precision and full client satisfaction for every project we are entrusted with.

Quality needs attention and communication

Everyone working at or for ACAD WRITE plays an active and responsible role in the process that we call quality management, which aims at nothing less than excellence in everything we do. If you want to improve, you need feedback. And if you are a part of a system, your view on it is limited to the inside. Our clients reflect the outside view and support us in our efforts. The administrative staff of ACAD WRITE, the experts working for our company, and the clients who provide us with feedback, give us pointers as to how to expand our services. This is the cornerstones of our quest for excellence. With our ProQualitas assurance and with a group of competent specialists who act as ombudsmen, we have established a support system that sets a framework to the quality process and keeps it steady.

Quality Manager
Dr. Diana Carmen Albu-Lisson


Dr. Diana Carmen Albu-Lisson holds PhD in history. As an undergraduate student, she focused her academic interest* on church law, church history and law history. During her studies Diana published numerous scientific articles on these topics. She also authored several books on ethics and contemporary history. As a quality manager, her recent research interests include the history of Eastern Europe, women’s and gender history, as well as military history. Diana exercises her interest for research at ACAD WRITE and supports us as a quality manager.

Quality manager

Literary Studies | Psychology

Dorette Wesemann studied psychology as her major, with southern Slavic studies and principles of medicine as minor subjects. After earning her PhD, she continued to work as a research assistant and project coordinator at the University of Leipzig. Since 2005, she has been working as a freelance author in the fields of medical and clinical psychology, social work and occupational and organizational psychology. Dorette supports ACAD WRITE as a quality manager and ombudswoman. Her principal interests include the subjects of online communication, human rights, supervision and evaluation. She has published articles on these topics in national and international periodicals, textbooks and online.


Quality manager

Biology and Life Science | STEM

Dr. Sandra Reichstetter holds a PhD in immunology and genetics and a BSc in zoology and biochemistry. Devoting most of her career to research life sciences, specializing in cellular immunology, she spent eight years as a senior research scientist at PharmaIN Corp., Seattle, WA, and 6 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Benaroya Research Institute. In this position she investigated the role of TH1 -type T-helper and regulatory T-cells in the pathogenesis of Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Sandra has also served as the principal investigator of several NIH-funded grants for a biotechnology startup. With her extensive experience in medical research and science, she is not only an extraordinarily competent quality manager, but also serves as ACAD WRITE’s main agent on the West Coast of the United States.

Dr. Thomas Nemet

Thomas Nemet and his team

Thomas Nemet (PhD) founded ACAD WRITE in 2004 and to this day is the driving force behind our company. Together with an experienced customer support team and our well-trained call agents, he manages the everyday operations and personally calculates the pricing of all individual quotes. Of course, ACAD WRITE would not be complete without the excellent work of the countless authors, experts and senior editors who lie at the heart of our company and deserve a special mention on this page.