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Communicate with Your Personal Expert – Directly and Anonymously

Send direct messages

Send direct messages ACAD office – The SSL-secured direct link to your scientific author

ACAD office is the direct link to your ACAD WRITE expert that enables you to stay in full control over all proceedings at every stage of your order. Exchange files or messages, provide feedback or schedule conference calls to discuss the progress of your work via a SSL-secured connection with our trademarked communication platform. To protect your privacy, all your personal files and data will be deleted within two weeks after your order has been completed.

Meet deadlinesWhen deadlines are coming closer… – Stay in control with ACAD office

From the moment you request a free, non-binding quote from ACAD WRITE, you will benefit from absolute transparency of costs and delivery dates. Every order contains at least one partial delivery, which will allow you to assure yourself of the competence of your author. The next installment will not be due before you are completely satisfied with the delivered parts. Give your feedback directly to your ghostwriter and ask for changes if you find them necessary.

Exchange files securely

Exchange files securelySecure exchange of information and data – Share files with your expert

ACAD Office™ makes it easy to exchange files and data with your author at any time. Upload source material, documents or style sheets through a user-friendly interface, or receive suggestions for literary sources and drafts for approval from your expert. With ACAD office, you will be able to keep track of everything that is going on and which steps remain until your order is completed. After that, we will offer you an opportunity to rate your author, which influences the way we assign jobs in the future.

Exchange files securely

Schedule conference callsWe connect you to your ghostwriter – Personally and anonymously

Do you have a question for your author that you want to discuss in a direct conversation? Would you like to talk in detail about a certain aspect of your paper? ACAD office makes it possible. Simply schedule a conference call and we will connect you directly to your expert —anonymously via a local rate dial-in. All conference calls are moderated by an ACAD WRITE agent who will introduce you to your ghostwriter on a first name basis.

Find further information in our ACAD-office™ ☛ user-guide