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Prestigious and precise – Higher education in the UK

There are two names that stand for higher education that are not only known all over the world but are always mentioned with awe—Oxford and Cambridge. And, in fact, these two universities in England are the oldest on the globe that are still operating, educating students and contributing to scientific progress of various subjects. They are the institutions that for hundreds of years have been setting standards in scientific research and teaching. However, today they are followed closely by other universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland that share their academic work standards, though they may not share their fame. The British way of teaching and its regulations differ as much from the other countries’ standards as the Queen's English differs noticeably from American or Australian English. Being aware of these differences, ACAD WRITE has not only recruited British graduates as authors and experts for British clients, but from our dialogue with English universities, we also have created our own academic contribution to Britain's scientific world.

Learning, writing, editing – How ACAD WRITE supports people and institutions in Britain

The services that ACAD WRITES offers to British clients include coaching and counselling, with which they can improve their self-management and find guidance for effective academic working. However, we also offer classic ghostwriting, for instance, impressive scripts for table/after-dinner speakers and academic assistance in research or writing for businesses, various academic professions, institutions and NGOs. Of course, we always find the best author for every client, which means one who is a specialist in your subject and knows all about the formal side as well. If you would like to contact us, please send a letter, an e-mail—or simply call us. We are looking forward to working for you!

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