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Flexible Support and Assistance for STEM Research Projects

ACAD WRITE is not simply a writing service, it is the home of many experienced STEM researchers who have specialized in supporting other scientists and their research projects in a wide range of ways. Whether your research focuses on microbiology, chemical engineering or medicine, here you will find competent assistance for all branches of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, tailored to your individual needs. Our team of scientists will support your STEM project with their skills and expertise, from research and statistical evaluation to successful publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

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DATA ANALYSISOur Statistics Experts Guarantee Your Research Project Is on the Right Track

Conducting empirical research bears great responsibility. To ensure that your research design adheres to scientific standards, it is crucial to decide on an established data analysis method and to execute it carefully. Statistical evaluation of raw data can become a painstaking task for researchers, especially if they would prefer to focus on other aspects of their research project instead. This is why statistics and data analysis are among the most requested services that we offer to STEM researchers. On demand, our statistics experts will professionally evaluate your data, according to your instructions. They are skilled in the proficient use of various statistical software types, be it SPSS, SAS, Clustan, EQS, Lisrel, STATA or TDA. No matter whether you research medicine, chemistry or physics — with ACAD WRITE on your side, no amount of data is too ambitious

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HIGH-END EDITINGMake Sure Your Research Paper Is Ready to be Published in a Scientific Journal

The attention that your research will receive from the scientific community is directly linked to the quality of your publication. Even the most exciting scientific findings risk being unnoticed if they are not showcased in a renowned journal. With our publishing experts on your side, you can be rest assured that your study is ready for peer-review. Our experts will provide high-end editorial support for you, including language-polishing and professional proof-reading, and they will do everything necessary to make sure that your paper presents the results of your research in the best possible way. No matter if you need an intriguing abstract for your publication or are looking to outsource the entire writing process — at ACAD WRITE you will always find a solution tailored to your individual needs.

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GRANT WRITINGFind Funding for Your Research: Professional Grant Writers Create Intriguing Proposals

When it comes to acquiring funds for your research project, applying for grants is an absolute necessity. While you are certainly the one who knows best about the particular research interest of your study and its potential scientific value, it might be advisable to leave the formulation of the concrete proposal to a skilled and experienced grant writer. When it comes to applying for funds, your research project will greatly benefit from the professionalism of a grant writing expert. At ACAD WRITE, you will find scientists and other STEM researchers who are also highly talented writers. They will advise you on how to find the best funding opportunity for your particular research project, and they will also actively support you in creating enthralling proposals that stand the best chance of meeting the high demands of any research foundation.

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