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If You Have Something to Tell the World – Use Our Pre-publishing Service

Make sure you have found the right words – Ask for ACAD WRITE editing

Editing is much more than proofreading; an editor cares not only about the form of the text, but about the content as well. A professional editor identifies weaknesses in your choice of vocabulary as well as in your descriptions or argumentation and tells you if there are inconsistencies in writing style. In short, if you get editing from one of our pre-publishing experts, you can be sure that your article or speech, opinion ,statement, or book will be thoroughly convincing; your content will raise interest in its audience and will convey your message as you intended.

Spelling errors ruin a text – Flawless proofreading by our pre-publishing service

Whatever you want to convey to people — to reach them or to win their attention and interest, the formal side of your text must be flawless. Even if you have the cleverest ideas and the best stories, if the grammar is wrong, if the punctuation is a mess, or if there are typos everywhere, people will not take them seriously and will put them aside. And so, of course, will publishers. Professional proofreading by our pre-publishing service will guarantee that nothing will distract your readers from focusing on the content of the text, instead of their being annoyed by its formal appearance. ACAD WRITE pre-publishing service is your insurance for a good literary performance.

Make the best of your script – With support from our pre-publishing service

You have finished a script and you want to publish it, which means you will either look for a publisher who will pay you as an author, or you will use a publishing service that you will have to pay. Publishers are normally besieged by people offering scripts. If you want to stand a chance in that competition, your script should be at least very good, at best excellent — and that goes for formal aspects as well as the content. The less a publisher has to invest in a script before printing, the more he will like it. Most publishing services, on the other hand, do not really care about quality anyway — the few that do will offer you editing, as they make their money by charging you for their service, not by selling your product. Our pre-publishing service can help you, whatever you decide to do. Our experts can do a lot for the quality of your script, by giving it the right shape and/or supplying you with professional feedback concerning the content. Our pre-publishing service will give professional care and attention to your content, if you choose to submit your academic paper, essay or article to a scientific journal.

Meet your publisher’s language standards – Language polishing does the trick

If you are looking to publish a scientific article in an international journal or science portal on the Internet, then you need to be aware that you will face massive competition. To win, what counts in the end is not only the information and the content you want to see published, but also its formal appearance. An international publisher will not bother to even read through an essay or article that doesn't fit his formal standards, one of which is linguistic proficiency in English at the level of a well-educated and sophisticated native speaker. If you are not sure about your English, the language polishing of our pre-publishing service will ensure everything is fine and that your text is ready to be published.

Make your text fit – Text-shaping adapts it to the demands of the medium and audience

If you have created a presentation or a speech script and you want to turn it into an article or an essay but cannot afford the time to work it over, or if you are not sure of how to do it, turn to our experts for help. Our pre-publishing service offers text-shaping, which is just what you need in that case; your ideas and content will be saved, but adapted to fit the standards of a different literary form and the expectations of a different audience. You just need to know what goal you wish to achieve with the content and what audience you want to reach. Our literary specialists know how to make it happen for you.