Professional Ghostwriting for Organizations & Individuals – A Formula for Success

The art of ghostwriting – Now and then

The history of ghostwriting dates back to ancient Greece as far as rhetoric is concerned. Awareness of the impact that the right words can have on people leads to the awareness that not everybody possesses a special talent for dealing with words. So those who did have this special talent were hired to put it to use for others. At the end of the 19th century, French playwright Edmond Rostand made his 17th century predecessor Cyrano de Bergerac famous, by portraying him as a romantic ghostwriter for a friend. And speaking of playwrights, rumors still abound over the true authorship of some of William Shakespeare's works!

Modern society has institutionalized ghostwriting in several forms and for various purposes from rhetorical issues in politics, economy and art, to professional copywriting for companies, institutions and NGO's, and advertising. One reason is the chronic lack of time everybody suffers from today. Another is the fact that knowledge is growing faster than we can assimilate it, so the need for specialization grows concurrently. That's why today—like in ancient Greece—talented professional ghostwriters can still work wonders for their clients.

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Ghostwriting makes the difference Because texts are not just words and sentences

The only difference between 'writing' and 'ghostwriting' is whether or not the author is anonymous. However, there is a big difference between 'writing' and 'professional ghostwriting', and this not only lies in a special talent for language use, but in the knowledge of different text forms as well as rhetorical figures and strategies and different professional standards for writing and publishing. A good ghostwriter is a creator of content and a director of attention and understanding. He or she knows how to define and understand—and therefore how to reach—different audiences, how to raise expectations, and how to fulfill them. Texts should be much more than just words and sentences if they are meant to create an impact. Every system within society has certain rules and standards, and that goes for politics or the economy as well as for education and science. Experienced professional ghostwriters, like those who work for ACAD WRITE, know all about those standards and design their texts accordingly. Our success is the success of our clients, and it is based on the combination of expert knowledge concerning the contents, specialist know-how concerning the format, verbal skills, and experience.

Ghostwriting as a profession Constant challenges instead of routines

If you want to do professional ghostwriting, what you need is a healthy amount of curiosity and, maybe most of all, versatility. There are rules to different forms of writing, but there is no routine to ghostwriting. A professional ghostwriter is the agent between the interests of his clients and those of the audience for which he writes. In academic contexts, this may be a student and a professor; for a speech, it is the speaker and the public; if it is a book or an article, it is the client, a publisher and the readers. So every job is different.

ACAD WRITE's ghostwriters are academic experts who love to create and convey knowledge and messages—which they do, for instance, as authors of technical articles and studies for medical doctors, psychologists and STEM researchers, as developers and reporters on projects for lawyers, dentists and psychiatrists, or as creators of industry analyses, presentations, marketing texts and PR texts for the corporate world. Specialists for all topics and social or business contexts are within our pool of experts. Ghostwriting means variety—and ACAD WRITE means ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting as a custom service Your choice for quality text-creation

Let's have a look at ghostwriting from the other perspective—that of a client: Why engage a ghostwriter? What do you get out of it? First, you will put your project in the capable hands of an expert who has all the knowledge and experience to turn it into a success. But it will remain YOUR project. ACAD WRITE has designed ACAD office, a communication tool, to stay in direct (yet anonymous, if you prefer) contact with your author, so you will be able to monitor all the proceedings of your order. Second, you will save a lot of time and be certain of the quality of your text, whatever it may be.

People in academic professions use our ghostwriting services to ease their study workloads by outsourcing parts of them; or they ask for special services like language polishing (editing text to raise it to the level of well-educated native English speakers) or text-shaping (fitting an existing study into the standards and formats of international scientific publishers) to prepare their work for publishing. Corporate clients also use our services to produce business reports and other internal papers and to create texts for marketing or PR.