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A most interesting and rewarding challenge – ACAD WRITE in the United States & Canada

Offering academic writing services in the United States and Canada differs in many ways from the European experience. The differences start on the formal side with different citation standards, which is just one expression of a rich and unique scientific tradition. However, working for clients in the corporate world also requires other skills and competencies than serving European clients, since there is a much greater variety as well as a different attitude towards most kinds of services in the United States. The importance of foundations and their work, for instance, is much more distinct in the United States than it is in Europe, and the idea of outsourcing creative work to external writing services is much more familiar and therefore more obvious for all kinds of businesses than it is in Europe. But very strict legal restrictions regarding the results of ghostwriting in some states exists, which must be considered when working for this market. Nevertheless, ACAD WRITE has taken on the challenge of assisting college students and post-graduates in the United States and Canada with custom writing services that are 100% legal and discrete. Therefore, we decided to establish an office in NYC—and our courage has been rewarded, as we have been able to support countless American clients in their academic careers since.

Where to find us – ACAD WRITE's office in New York

For all the differences, it seemed to be crystal clear that if one wants to conquer the American market, one must be present there and work with American experts. So, in 2013, ACAD WRITE established its office in New York City, and ever since has been busy recruiting academic specialists to meet the growing demand of American business and scientific clients.

What doesn’t differ between Europe and the United States, however, are the clients’ expectations—and of course ACAD WRITE’s quest for excellence in all our services. If you would like to know more and maybe think about joining our team of experts, please write to our office in New York or call us:

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