Academic Ghostwriting and Editing in Switzerland

The Swiss Way – Academic ghostwriting for science and business

Switzerland’s image is dominated by pictures of the Alps, the taste of chocolate, and the ticking of clockworks—it is seen as a place of large but very discrete businesses, of accuracy and shrewdness. Most of that is true in one way or another, but still this impression is far from doing justice to a country with such a colorful history and vibrant presence. The most basic principles and ideals of Switzerland—for instance, regarding data protection—are similar to those of ACAD WRITE. Moreover, just like Switzerland, our company is focused on excellent service of highest precision.
Since Switzerland is a place of creativity, invention, high educational standards, and international business, ACAD WRITE continues offering academic writing service for science and education, as well as for businesses, to the Swiss.

Business studies, humanities and medicine – ACAD WRITE's most wanted subjects

On the scientific side, business studies, the humanities, and medicine still rank at the top of the long list of subjects in which our clients are looking for support. So we work as much for students and post-graduates for the universities in Zürich, Basel, and Bern, as well as in Lausanne, Winterthur, Luzern, and St. Gallen as we do for business-people there or in other places in Switzerland—creating reports and opinions, presentations and speeches, conducting analyses and economic forecasts for them. Here is where you can find us:

ACAD International Research AG

ACAD International Research AG
Dorfstrasse 11
CH-8302 Kloten Schweiz
+41 (44) 500 3184