Where It All Began – ACAD WRITE in Germany

ACAD WRITE fills the gaps in the educational system – 11 years and counting

Since ACAD WRITE was established in 2004, there have been many discussions in Germany causing unrest within the educational system: the stress caused to both students and university staff alike by the European Bologna process, the consequences of the Initiative for Excellence launched by the German government, and various scandals concerning plagiarism and politicians. All of them have revealed different weaknesses, sometimes even gaps, within that system. Alas, attempts to change things for the better have been few and limited in their impact.
ACAD WRITE is working on closing those gaps: our assistance to, and coaching for, students and post-graduates, and our special pre-publishing services, offer support and security. In our work for businesses, institutions and NGOs, we also give these clients access to specialist knowledge and the results of scientific research, while at the universities experts are likely to keep their attention on the academic competition or on raising funds and are too stretched to care for anything else, whether they do care or not.

Today and tomorrow – ACAD WRITE stays committed to meaningful progress

ACAD WRITE is very much interested in all developments in Germany and on the German market—not only as a visitor but as an active force, playing an active role in the further evolution of academic sciences and the educational system wherever we can. Our commitment to both our clients and our experts creates an obligation that we take most seriously. That is why we decided to establish our German office in the country’s capital—Berlin.

To be more specific, you should address your letters, e-mails and calls to the address below:

Correspondence address for Germany

Französische Straße 12
DE-10117 Berlin Germany
+49 (30) 577 005 82