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Where Down Under is On Top – ACAD WRITE in Australia

An exciting opportunity – Why Australia is a perfect market for academic writing services

Australia definitely is a most exciting continent, especially for scientists. Apart from the fact that the landscape, the flora and fauna are unique and therefore a perfect research area for geologists, biologists and other natural scientists, and that the Aboriginal culture is as rich as it is special, the fifth continent has long been famous for its excellent universities. Seven of the 100 highest rated universities in the world are in Australia; within the international academic ranking, the country has left Great Britain, Germany and Japan behind.

So there is both a huge pool of brilliant scientific experts and writers there and a constantly rising demand for academic writing services in university education as well as in business and social life. All of which was more than enough reason for ACAD WRITE to establish an office in Sydney.

Established and growing – ACAD WRITE and the Australian challenge

In Australia, ACAD WRITE is now offering the same services for academic writing, editing, coaching and assistance in research as in all other parts of the world, and we are as interested in getting to know new skilled and experienced authors and experts there as we are everywhere else. Most of our client orders do not involve special inside knowledge of a country or social system, but some do. So it's good to have as many regional experts as possible. The Australian challenge has just begun and we are looking forward to continue facing it—for you as our client or with you as one of our experts.

And here is where you can find us – correspondence address:

Suite 1D Level 23 | Governor Phillip Tower | 1 Farrer Place | Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA

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